Nascar Driver Who Unintentionally Sparked Let’s Go Brandon Chat Says Corporations Don’t Want To Sponsor Him


After accidentally igniting the “Let’s Go Brandon!” chant, the NASCAR driver has gained fame. According to the phrase, he has had difficulty finding corporate sponsors since the viral chant went viral. It was extremely difficult for us. “It was extremely difficult for us.

“It is difficult for a brand not to attach to someone who may be divisive in their customer base. Why would Coca-Cola want to speak to me if I am going to split Coca-Cola?

After Brown’s interview on NBC, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” became a popular hashtag on social media in October. During the interview, NASCAR fans were singing “F— Joe Biden”. In an apparent attempt to keep the interview from becoming political, Kelli Stavast, a reporter, stated that they were singing “Let’s Go Brandon” in support of Brown.

This phrase quickly became synonymous with President Biden’s criticisms and was heard at sports games, concerts, and other events where Biden spoke.

“The short answer is that it’s been difficult to connect with partners because it’s kinda viewed as a ticking bomb: ‘What’s he doing to select or say and what would that affect our consumer base? It’s too risky. Brown said that while I can understand their point of view, it has made it extremely difficult to secure everything.

On Christmas Eve, controversy erupted when a father of four called Biden and the First Lady to discuss a holiday-themed event. He said the phrase live during the call.

“I wish you guys a Merry Christmas.” Happy Christmas to Brandon! The dad, Jared Schmeck, from Oregon, stated at the end that he was the father. Biden replied: “Let’s get, Brandon, we agree.” Schmeck was then asked by the president where he came from in Oregon. Biden stated, “I think that we lost him.”