New York AG Letitia James Blasts Andrew Cuomo’s Criticism Of Sexual Harassment Investigation


New York Attorney General Letitia James took no prisoners in going after the former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. James stated that the report she released relating to the alleged misconduct spoke for itself and that no one would be able to undermine the work she or anyone else did in the investigation. She urged Cuomo not to be complacent about his conduct and told him to “move on.”

She stated that she decided to appoint two independent attorneys whose reputations are beyond question, and who have conducted previous investigations into those charged with sexual harassment. She said they interviewed 174 people and reviewed hundreds of thousands of documents. They reviewed a lot of documents.

Cuomo claimed that the investigation findings would not contradict his claim that he didn’t do any wrong, but James later charged him for a misdemeanor sex crime on the report.

James stated that she would not permit anyone to undermine that investigation of those independent attorneys and my own office or me individually. She said it is important to remember that these women were in public service and aware that public it was about serving others and not about power and influence. Sunny Hostin noted that former Cuomo aides claimed that the misdemeanor charges were politically motivated.

James announced that she had suspended her campaign to become New York Governor last week and cited her desire to continue her work in the capacity of attorney general. Cuomo was replaced by Kathy Hochul.