The View Co-Host Joy Behar Says States Might Segregate Schools Again


Co-host of The View Joy Behar worried that certain states would return to segregated schools in the event that the Supreme Court did not address more issues.

Behar reacted to the Supreme Court procedural ruling on Texas’s restrictive abortion laws, suggested that states might enact racial separation again in violation of Brown v. Board of Education, which had struck down such laws. She said if they keep throwing these things to states, they could overturn Brown against the Board of Education and bring back segregated schools if they wish in some states.

The Texas law prohibits abortions after six weeks. Private individuals can bring suits in state courts against those who perform abortions. While the court heard arguments about whether it was possible to bring suit against the Texas law, it ruled that it could remain in force. It also said that the lawsuit by Texas abortion providers over the law could continue.

Amanda Carpenter, guest co-host, stated that she is pro-life but criticized Texas’ law for encouraging vigilantism. Carpenter stated that she is very afraid that going into next year when the Court rules and that they won’t have a nationwide abortion debate. Behar stated that the Supreme Court is political and full of it. She said she thinks this is an important piece of legislation, even though it isn’t going to work.