Anthony Fauci Said One Year Ago That Pandemic Won’t Last Longer Due To Vaccines


Dr. Anthony Fauci has a history that involves flip-flopping about key issues during the coronavirus Pandemic. He stated one year ago that the pandemic wouldn’t last a lot longer because vaccines were available, but he continues to support mandates, advocate masking, and promote the idea that boosters may be necessary.

At an event, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases stated that “certainly it’s not going be pandemic for a long time. He said that he believes the vaccines will turn that around.

Fauci is still sounded the alarm one year later about new strains of the virus, as the U.S. attempts to restore pre-pandemic normalcy. Fauci dismissed mandates initially, concluding that one cannot force someone to get vaccinated. However, he now supports such measures. Fauci stated that more Americans should be vaccinated.

Fauci said he believes that this will turn things around because he doesn’t think people will not want to go to work or go to college. He also said the same thing as Bill de Blasio, the New York City Mayor, who announced recently his intention to make private-sector workers get the vaccine and to discriminate against children not vaccinated.

Fauci’s stance on the virus has changed significantly over the years. He dismissed masks as “paranoid” and admitted that masks from drug stores are not effective in keeping out viruses. He now supports masking.

He said that the more people who get vaccinated the lower the risk of getting a cold, which can lead to people starting to think about removing their masks.