Democrats In Hypersonic Panic Over The Midterms & 2024


Fox News Laura Ingraham recently stated that Dems are heading toward a “Thelma-and-Louise”-like end. The host referred the old party to the 1991 buddy-crime movie and said they have headed full speed ahead towards the cliff’s edge” like its characters.

It was reported that the GOP has a double-digit advantage over Dems on the generic midterm vote, for the first time in the Economic Survey. It was observed that President Biden’s approval rating was 41%, and his economic approval rating is down 19%.

Voters consider immigration and inflation to be the most important issues while Dems have failed to address each of these issues. Vice President Harris has been called unqualified as the front-runner if Biden doesn’t run for reelection in 2024. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg puts Dems in deeper trouble with a projected 11-percentage point loss to Trump if he runs for office in 2024.

The lesson for the GOP is that Trump’s policies worked. There’s no going back to the old perpetual wars, open borders, and globalist views from yesteryear. The GOP should cut middle-class taxes, revive oil and gas exploration, and shake up education.