White House Ripped For Doomsday Winter Message Of Severe Illness & Death For Unvaccinated People


After promoting the message that Americans without vaccination would suffer a winter of severe illness and death due to the omicron coronavirus variant, the White House was mocked viciously over the weekend.

Both President Biden and White House COVID Response Coordinator Jeff Zients pushed the message last week. The former issued the dire warning to Americans after a White House briefing on Thursday’s pandemic. Biden stated, “I want the American people to know that omicron is not spreading as quickly as it could because of the steps we took.”

He said, “But it is here now, it’s spreading and it will increase… We are facing a winter full of severe illness and death for those who have not been vaccinated, for their families, and for the hospitals they’ll soon overtake.” There’s good news. If you are vaccinated and have had your booster shot, you will be protected against severe illness and death. Zients reiterated the warning again the next day while updating the COVID response group.

“We will not allow omicron to disrupt school and work for those who have been vaccinated. He said, “You’ve done the right things and we will get this over with.” “For those who aren’t vaccinated, it looks like a winter of severe illness, death, and financial hardship for you, your family, and any hospitals that you might soon overwhelm.”

Social media was used by critics to ridicule the White House’s message about death. Some called Biden the “Grim Reaper”, while others claimed that Biden’s claim that he would “shut down virus” sounds a lot more like “illness and death.”

“President Biden’s warning about a winter of severe illnesses and death’ makes President Jimmy Carter’s malaise speech encouraging Americans to lower their expectations seem cheerful by comparison. How can Democrats be the party of severe sickness and death’? “This is madness,” said Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of House. His Jimmy Carter analogy was also shared by other critics.

As the omicron coronavirus variant is expected to be the most prevalent in the United States due to its high transmission rate, concerns have grown. Although it is not as serious as the delta variant of coronavirus, many schools, universities, and businesses have decided that virtual learning should be stopped or resumed.

Biden will address Americans on Tuesday to update them on the omicron variant and to discuss any additional steps the administration has in mind.